Made in Colorado by two native-ish dudes who like to spend their time fishing.
High-Quality Fly Rods.
Yampa Rod Company started with two guys killing time between fishing trips, a full cooler, and an overwhelming desire to make high quality fly rods that won’t drain your bank account. The result is a fly rod that is highly sophisticated, and can challenge any rod on the market in weight, speed, and overall sexiness. Now Iowa and Tennessee won't jump off the page as fly fishing destinations (OK maybe Tennessee... a little bit), but since moving to Colorado they have been obsessed with the pursuit of fish on the fly. So take a minute and get to know the boys.

Paul W. Boals //

Born in West Tennessee (the side without mountains) and raised farming cotton, fishing big rivers and farm ponds made up the majority of his youth. It wasn’t until college, and a Landscape Architecture internship in Arkansas, that he was exposed to fly fishing. Since the summer of '02, it has been a complete addiction. In fact, it was that addiction which led him to Colorado where he has worked tirelessly to refine his craft as a rod builder, fly caster, and teacher. His most recent accomplishment came in 2017, when he became a Certified Casting Instructor through Fly Fishers International.

DJ Loerzel //

Growing up in Iowa, he did Iowa things like playing football, working on cars, and caucusing. At Iowa State he studied graphic design before eventually majoring in Communications on his way to a Masters and Doctoral degree (we know, he doesn't look like the literary type, but he be smart). He moved to Colorado, the first time, for work. After following his career to Chicago and getting married, he talked his wife into moving back to Colorado (thanks Sara!). Since then, he has been fascinated with fly fishing and an outdoor lifestyle. Through it all, he has always been a craftsman. When you mix that with his easy boredom and need for something to take apart or put together, it's a perfect mix for a rod builder.
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